Friday, September 13, 2019

If You Want to Go Fast

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

That may have been about all of the wisdom I received from the Democratic hopeful candidates’ debate last night. But the supposedly African proverb gave me food for thought.

A few weeks ago our beagle Flip was very sick, and we thought it was the end for him. He rallied back, but I decided that perhaps the long morning walk around our meadow (2,500+ steps) was maybe too much for the old dog. So from that point until now I basically walk alone every morning around the meadow. Oh, Rocky, our black-mouthed cur goes along with me, but he isn’t on a leash. He goes his way in and out of the forest along the well cut path (thanks to my hubby❤️), and I walk a fast pace in the dew drenched grass. 

Rocky and I make it around the property in less than 30 minutes. If Flip is along on the leash, we have many stops. And in this summer heat even at 7:00 am, the fewer stops the better. Recently I have been exceeding my daily goal of 5,000 steps, and I suppose that it may be time to boost up that number to 7,500.

Several times a week I make a morning walk on our paved road with my sweet neighbor. She calls our walks “walkie talkies.” It gives me a chance to walk farther and a chance for us to catch up on family gossip. Both hers and mine. 😬

Whether I walk alone or walk together with my neighbor or even my hubby who thinks I am obsessed with this step counting, I plan to keep walking as fast and as far as I can for as long as I can. 


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A Quiet Corner said...

Lin, back in 1994 when I'd gotten a puppy, I began walking...just 2 miles each morning. Then I met a gal who became my BFF, who had the same kind of dog (German Short-haired Pointers). We "walked and talked" 10 miles every Saturday & Sunday until we moved in 2003. In other words, keep walking...:)jp