Thursday, November 7, 2019

Babies with “Hidden Issues”

Recently I came across a newspaper article about “ drug babies.” I am sure that there are kinder words used to describe babies of mothers (and even fathers) who used drugs before and during pregnancy. But as a non-smoker, usually teetotaler, and a non-pill popper, I will perhaps be humanely incorrect and write about my first awareness of “drug babies.”

As a resident and an assistant to the nurse in the Methodist Home Hospital in the summer of 1970, I often overheard conversations about the health of resident mothers and even of their babies. One situation comes to my mind after all these almost 50 years of a very young mother who gave birth to a child that summer. The nurse casually mentioned that the mother had been on drugs, which I just assumed was marijuana. That was about as much as I as a north Louisiana girl knew about drug use. Anyway, the nurse seemed more concerned about the newborn baby, since the child showed definite signs of drug withdrawal. I remember that she said that the child twitched and seemed very irritated and nervous.

I still don’t know too much about drug abuse and pregnancy, but I have the feeling that there must be more incidences of adoption of babies with “hidden issues” than we will ever know. 

As crude as it might seem, when you adopt a pet you get more information about the parents than when you adopt a human child. 

Is that still the case?

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Boerenkool (Kale) Stamppot Recipe

I just found my blogpost for the dinner I prepared tonight. Click to see my recipe and great food photography: Boerenkool Stamppot recipe click here.


Saturday, October 19, 2019

Calling All Chapman Family Artists

It has been four years since my mom passed away and that I found the following poem in her souvenir and paperwork. Still no artistic niece or nephew has come forward with a title or illustration for Mom’s cute poem. Let’s try again:

A poem by Virginia Darline Ridge Chapman (1925-2015)

(No Title)

Mama and Papa Turtle were sitting on a log.
They were enjoying the sunshine when up jumped a Frog.

The Frog croaked, "Move over and give me some sun!"
"No," said Papa Turtle, "that wouldn't be much fun."
"We've saved this place for a friend or two-
"We didn't save this place just for you!"

The Frog was unhappy so he took a big leap.
He jumped so high and landed so deep.
He landed upon a big lily pad.
He looked around and was so very sad.

The Turtles looked over and saw him sitting there.
They felt very sorry that they didn't share
Their log with a frog in the bog.

"Come back over," Papa Turtle invited.
"Okay, I will," the Frog said all excited.

They became good friends and enjoyed the sun.
And then it was fun for everyone.


Monday, October 14, 2019

Love Letter #1 (Rerun)

Let’s start from the very beginning (again😬) of my love letters to my American family in 1979. I will include a link for you to click. Easy Peasy😉 Not sure if I am digging these up again for my followers or for me. Whatever 🤷🏼‍♀️!

Love Letter #1 (Click this.)


Sunday, October 13, 2019

Love Letter 40 Years Ago

Love Letter 40 Years Ago (Click this😬)

Forty years ago I moved to The Netherlands to be with my love. I left behind my parents, brothers and their loved ones, all of my friends, and most of my personal belongings. Back then I wrote love letters to my parents and family.

In 2014 I found those letters at my mother’s home where she had kept them for 35 years. I shared a few of those letters here on my Wetcreek Blog, and I would like to do a repeat of a few of them for any new blog followers.

Click on the above mentioned Love Letter and see what I was doing back then.

Friday, September 13, 2019

If You Want to Go Fast

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.

That may have been about all of the wisdom I received from the Democratic hopeful candidates’ debate last night. But the supposedly African proverb gave me food for thought.

A few weeks ago our beagle Flip was very sick, and we thought it was the end for him. He rallied back, but I decided that perhaps the long morning walk around our meadow (2,500+ steps) was maybe too much for the old dog. So from that point until now I basically walk alone every morning around the meadow. Oh, Rocky, our black-mouthed cur goes along with me, but he isn’t on a leash. He goes his way in and out of the forest along the well cut path (thanks to my hubby❤️), and I walk a fast pace in the dew drenched grass. 

Rocky and I make it around the property in less than 30 minutes. If Flip is along on the leash, we have many stops. And in this summer heat even at 7:00 am, the fewer stops the better. Recently I have been exceeding my daily goal of 5,000 steps, and I suppose that it may be time to boost up that number to 7,500.

Several times a week I make a morning walk on our paved road with my sweet neighbor. She calls our walks “walkie talkies.” It gives me a chance to walk farther and a chance for us to catch up on family gossip. Both hers and mine. 😬

Whether I walk alone or walk together with my neighbor or even my hubby who thinks I am obsessed with this step counting, I plan to keep walking as fast and as far as I can for as long as I can. 


Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Hiding? Who Me?

Don’t know about you, but I enjoyed the “remix” or “repeat” or “re-something” that I did with this blog yesterday. So let’s do it again. Click here for a rerun of “Do You Put Your Business on the Street?”
This is the house in The Netherlands and the bridge where we put our trash out on the street.