Friday, September 23, 2016

The Girl Nextdoor

My dear father always said there were three subjects that you shouldn't discuss among family or friends: Sex, Religion, and Politics.

Dad never said not to discuss Ethnicity or Race.

My nextdoor neighbors are the parents of a local television newsreader, as well as sweet, loving mother of two babies and one more due in November. I would like to share Britney's blogpost with my followers.

And I will try to share the television interview with Britney and her husband Matt. Click here.

I shared these with my family on my husband's Facebook account. Fifteen family members viewed it, and not one responded. (Update:Two members responded. Both I expected, since they usually tell me their opinion. Even when they know I may not agree. I like that❣)

Maybe Dad added Race to the list and never informed me.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You Can Use Sour Milk to Make a Delicious White Cake

 (Although this looks like a yellow cake.)

We did it again! We let an entire gallon of low fat milk go sour!

This time I made Bisquick biscuits with some sour milk. Tonight the fluffy biscuits were great topped with left-over beef/pork stew.

While the biscuits were baking, I whipped up a one layer white cake recipe that called for sour milk. No icing was needed, and that recipe will definitely be a keeper. 

(I'll stop with two pieces tonight. Promise❣)

I even know a few tricks to make milk sour, in case I need it for future cakes.

Killing Me Softly

Or how to die unnoticed in the USA. 

Here I go complaining about health care in the States--

Yesterday I went to my Nurse Practitioner for my required blood pressure check-up. I think they want me to show up every 6 months, but I wait until my meds prescription has expired. That means about every 15 months. Or sometimes even longer if I beg for meds after the prescription expiration. So, you see, I am not jumping to visit the doctor or nurse.

Except for a higher than "normal" blood pressure and being between 10-15 pounds overweight, I am fine. But if you check my medical records around here, you might find that I am no longer living.  

Yesterday when I asked the practitioner's assistant if a record of my broken foot was recorded in my file last September ( I had that "fixed" at the hospital emergency room across the driveway from this office), she got into a real panic trying to find me on her database. Then she asked, "When was the last time you came here for a visit?" When I said Winter 2015, she said, "Oh, that was before we changed over to the computer." And then she started asking me questions that I remember filling in on a form when I became a "patient" of this practitioner around 5-6 years ago. Then I reminded her that I had been a patient of this doctor/hospital service for 10 years and had been told that my files from my previous doctor were somewhere in a moving box. The assistant said, "Yes, they are in an archive room." 

My question is, "Where is my current file?" Did I only get added to the computer if I made a visit to the doctor since the date they were required to keep personal data on a computer? 

Who is worried about Big Brother watching you? 

I am pretty sure that he could care less!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mammaw❣

Today is my Mammaw (Emily Frances New) Ridge's birthday. 

I remember her yummy Martha Washington bonbons and peanut butter balls that she made every Christmas. 

I remember crawling into a freezing feather bed in the room across the hall and searching for a warm spot. 

I remember her delicious chicken and dumplings.
I remember that she liked to cook, but hated washing dishes (like me, the dishes part). And Mom said Mammaw got every pot and pan dirty in the cooking process.

I remember my brothers peeing off of her back porch.
I remember going out to the outhouse and being afraid that a snake would crawl up the hole and bite me. And I remember when she got a real bathroom in her house❣ 

I remember sleeping on the couch in her living room on Christmas Eve and seeing my parents set up my little brother's toys and accepting that they were Santa Claus.

I remember my Mammaw coming down to Alexandria with Uncle Gene to see how we were after our automobile accident 49 years ago. 

I remember her supervising my mother's painting of our living room when I was in high school. 

I remember Mammaw getting off the Continental Trailways Bus looking like she had just made a five minute ride, when actually she had been on the bus the entire day.

I remember that we missed my Mammaw's funeral in 1993, and Jr. said he wished we had gone there.

Born August 15, 1895 and died December 13, 1993. She lived to be 98 years old❣

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lost but Found

These two rascals ran away from me when we went out for our morning walk yesterday. 

After about an hour and one-half the hunter (beagle) Flip heard us calling by the creek and came to us. 

But Flip left his black buddy Nismo and his GPS collar on the other side of the deep wet creek. 

I was devastated😩 

Nismo is our grand-dog. 
Nismo is our son's dog. 
Nismo is still a puppy dog. 
Nismo is a city dog. 
Nismo is a sweet dog. 
Nismo is an enthusiastic follower dog. 
I thought that we had lost Nismo the Dog.

Our son left his job in The Big City and drove three hours to come here to help us find Nismo in our woods. While our son climbed in and out of the wet creek about three times, Nismo just showed up at my husband's Kimco four-wheeler. 

And Nismo went home this morning! 
Back to The Big City! 
Back to our son!
So glad Nismo is safe and with his boss❣

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Lindy Loopy and Baby Shower Crafts

This is my latest Lindy Loopy for my niece Emily's baby Ginny due mid-September. The onesie I used for this one had no interesting shape, so I just went "wonky." The measuring tape ribbon under the label is my temporary trademark.

And so funny that one of the gifts at Em's tea party on Sunday was a stuffed pink elephant.

This future baby girl has brought out the "crafty" in all of us. This is the future granny's beautiful gift bow creation.

And Auntie Amanda whipped up this lovely diaper cake centerpiece. 

Fun times❣

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Trouble with Instagram?

Just Update on the App Store❣
It took me two tries, but now everything works❣
Still trying to figure out why our electricity was out for three hours yesterday. I called to report it at 4:00 pm. At 7:00 pm we were almost in the dark, so I phoned again. Five minutes later we had light❣

How coincidental is that?

Think they forgot to flip our switch?