Monday, October 20, 2014

Room With a View

Remember. This is the apartment we had on the market for three years with only 6 viewers.

Most said they did not like it, since there was no view.

I beg to differ. We have great cloud formations in southwest Louisiana, but this blanket cloud here in The Netherlands is amazing.

Are Your Windows Clean, Madam?

Clean windows are a sign of good housekeeping in this "kleine kikkerland" (small frog land). As a born and bred American, that cleaning didn't keep me awake until I moved to The Netherlands in 1979. Since then I can say that on the average I have kept our windows cleaner than most Americans. 

Well, today the window washer guys were due to do their cleaning wonders here at the Beltway Apartment. As we are situated on the extreme top floor of this 1912 Dutch high school building (over three stories), I made sure to awake early enough to witness the "cherry picker washer" action.

And I saw the handsome dude, but by the time I picked up my camera, he was gone!

Spray, swish, and on to the next apartment.

Maybe not the best wash job!

Maybe not the safest wash job!

But better than the dude a couple of years ago who did a "highwire" act walk in the gutter from one window to the next. (Without a safety cord!!!)

The outside is cleaner!

Now who is doing the inside? 
Glad we rescued our tall ladder from the "sticky fingers" painters!!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Shelfie #11

5,000 miles away from HOME we have another home. 

This shelfie is on the vintage (1990's) coffee table in that other home. 

Friends dropped by yesterday and brought this autumn beauty for us to enjoy. 

Doesn't it make you want to go out into your "fallish" garden and decorate your old fish bowl?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Pyrex Lid for Brownies

What do you do when you do not have an 8 inch cake pan? Why use a pyrex lid instead! 

We are having Dutch friends over for dinner tomorrow night, and I wanted to serve homemade (oops, packaged!) brownies. Luckily we picked up lots of clear glass pyrex casserole dishes with their lids while thrift shopping last year. This lid worked perfectly!

Oh, and that is fresh guacamole in the bowl on the left. Taco/chili salad is the main course. And I just remembered that I need to make the Ranch Dressing. Everything else is ready. Good thing, since we are walking to a brocante market tomorrow morning.

We thrift shopped this afternoon for another chair for the Beltway Apartment living room. Just need to lug it upstairs and give it a good wash down.

And the toaster oven ( brand new!) in the photo was a super thrift from a shop in Twello. Isn't that a cool name? Mellow Twello. Sounds like some place from the 1970's!

Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms

Recently my hub and I finished watching the Breaking Bad series. 

What started out as a weekend marathon of viewing at our son's house this summer in the Big City, ended up as a "must see the next episode" for the next few weeks. AMC knew how to hook us on the sometimes really gross (but always superb acting) television experience.

My mom asked me if there was a lesson to be learned in this series.

Well, here it is, Mom!

(Thanks, #1son for sending this today.)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Elevator Repair

Next week we will be using these stairs instead of the elevator. 
At least for a few hours, anyway. Who would ever imagine that an old school teacher would be living in an old school? And on the top floor, to boot!

(Foto source: Not mine!)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Back at the Beltway Apartment

It is autumn here, and we are back at the Beltway apartment in The Netherlands.

Thank goodness for insulated windows, because there is activity right outside the front door of our apartment complex.

More about that at a later time. My "inner clock" is still on Louisiana time ( 4:30 am), so I am off to bed for a few hours in order to catch up on jet lag. ( or jet leg, as the Dutch call it!)