Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Remember When?

Who says that for an English major that I have no imagination or that I can not write? 

 recently shared my Wetcreek Blog with friends and relatives who never knew about my blog or maybe just never got around to reading it. Most folks think that I only used my blog to publish all of my mom’s cookbook. Or that I copied old tales of my parents’ lives and my life. But actually there are a few decent pieces of writing in the mix. 

This afternoon I ran across some posts that I am especially proud to say that I wrote. Here is one that I wrote four years ago during an extremely busy summer with my husband away in Europe handling business and taking care of my ill mom and before my life seemed to turn inside out.  Click here: http://wetcreek.blogspot.com/2015/06/did-you-just-say-what-i-thought-you-said.html

Hope you don’t mind the remix on this blog. I am enjoying “remembering when I wrote this.”

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