Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Dating ( a quilt flimsy)

I thought this fabric was from the 1960's.

Now I am reasonably sure. Although Mom's 1967 photo at the beach is black/white, you can see that her homemade blouse is made from the same fabric as my disappearing nine-patch square.

Date of quilt flimsy must be late 1960's. That is why when we found it last summer that Mom could not remember piecing those patches. One half of a century old UFO ( unfinished object) just folded up in a plastic bag!


JP A Quiet Corner said...

That "UFO" is a treasure for sure, Lin!...:)JP

Carla from The River said...

I loved this when you shared this on Instagram. I love the photo of your mom. This is such a fun project to share with us.
I do like that UFO thought. ;-)

Joanne Noragon said...

As the daughter of and sister to addicted quilters, I was stumped by flimsy, so looked it up. I have great sympathy for that word. My sister rescues quilt tops and finishes them. She says a grandma in heaven says "Look, Ethel, she finished my quilt!" every time another is done. I think my mother made shirts for my girls from that fabric.

Anonymous said...

Such lovely feminine fabrics we wore back in the day.