Wednesday, September 7, 2016

You Can Use Sour Milk to Make a Delicious White Cake

 (Although this looks like a yellow cake.)

We did it again! We let an entire gallon of low fat milk go sour!

This time I made Bisquick biscuits with some sour milk. Tonight the fluffy biscuits were great topped with left-over beef/pork stew.

While the biscuits were baking, I whipped up a one layer white cake recipe that called for sour milk. No icing was needed, and that recipe will definitely be a keeper. 

(I'll stop with two pieces tonight. Promise❣)

I even know a few tricks to make milk sour, in case I need it for future cakes.


Hindustanka said...

Hi Linda! This looks delicious...:) Yes, why not to use sour milk for baking? Great idea!

NanaDiana said...

My mother often 'soured' milk to make cake with or biscuits. Glad your milk didn't go to waste. Hope you have a wonderful weekend- xo Diana

wilma said...

We do that too. But I never made those biscuits. Do you have a recipe, please?