Thursday, November 17, 2016

Garden Neglect Results

Who says you can't go off on a six week vacation and expect this bounty when you return? 

No watering happened in my veggie beds the entire time we were away. Here is the result from one self-germinated English cucumber, three ichiban eggplants I planted last May, and two bell pepper plants. While I was worrying if my 350 boxwoods out in the front yard were going to live with only a once a week watering, the veggies were having a ball. And there will be kale stamppot for dinner very soon😍

(And thanks to my sweet neighbor and sweet sister-in-law, the boxwoods seem to have survived, too😘)


Joanne Noragon said...

I'm giving this recipe to the cookerer. It sounds very like something my Swiss raised friend learned in her thrifty college days. They called it Hot Burning Love, and was served with onions and bacon on top.

Hindustanka said...

Isn't it lovely to discover such pleasant things? :) The veggies look tempting, and so colourful!
have a wonderful weekend ahead!