Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Give Me Strength

What my goal should be.
All that I can manage at the moment.
A lot of stuff happened this last 12-13 months, and it made me a little bit crazy. 
The very latest thing that threw me for a loop was this cold/bronchitis situation. Having a healthy body helps with having a healthy mind. And I am sure that the opposite is also true. 
At the moment I am dealing with strength.  As a step counter and walker, I am having big issues with not having the energy nor strength to walk anywhere near my walking goals. I know that one of the so-called “cures” of what ails me is rest, but sitting in a chair or lying in bed is not in my being. 
I know that my strength will return when I have conquered this illness. 
But in the meantime, it makes me a bit crazy.🤪

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