Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Birds and (What Happened to?) the Bees

Don't get too excited. This is about my veggie garden. Pure and simple.

What happened to the bees? Our lovely cucumber, tomato, bell pepper,squash, okra, and eggplant plants are luscious and loaded with blooms. So technically we should have enough vegetables for our entire village.

But there is not a bee in sight! And not much produce either!

We do not spray anything. We probably grow more organically than most folks around here. 

But where are the bees to pollinate these beautiful plants?

Maybe that is the reason our fruit trees, grapevines, and olive trees do not bare.

Any idea where you can buy a few pollinators, or will we have to do that by hand with a tiny paintbrush?


Laura Lane said...

I think you could do a search on-line about beekeeping. Our neighbor keeps bees, so we haven't had any trouble with pollination. I hope you find a solution.

Thanks for dropping by Harvest Lane Cottage,


Lowell Lane said...

It sounds like you're about half way there. Not using pesticides and other chemicals helps. Bees are looking for pollen and nectar. Many flowers that you can plant will help to attract them. Please refer to this article with a few helpful hints.

Lowell Lane

Linda said...

We live far away from our nearest neighbors. But there are bound to be bees somewhere near here. Thanks for the suggestion, tho'.

Linda said...

Looks like you and your wife are piggy-backing on this. Thanks. I would love to see recent photos of your garden.

Hindustanka said...

Hope they will return at your place... somehow even we don't have enough of them to pollinate.

Linda said...

Hot weather is taking over the garden! Maybe it is too hot for the bees. Thanks for your comments. I look forward to them. ;)