Monday, January 6, 2014

Mixer Garage

Our son gave me this beautiful mixer when he first started earning his own salary back in 2006.

We had just moved to the US, and he was newly employed in a very good job. He always apologized that his beginning yearly salary was more than I was making in Louisiana after a teaching career of over 30 years. (In 1970 my first Louisiana teaching year's salary did not even approach $5,000!)

But back to the red mixer. He bought it to match my red enamelware collection, and it does. But since we have been in this house, the mixer has not had a chance to "match" anything. I have tucked it away inside a kitchen cabinet. Now that I am having more and more problems lifting heavy items, I decided to find a handy place for my mixer. No more straining and spraining to get out this beauty.

And here is the perfect parking spot. Around the corner from the fridge and right next to the ovens. The toaster oven that was occupying this space is now inside the cupboard. I rarely use it, and if I do need it, it isn't so heavy. My hub has even found a parking spot for the toaster where my red enamel breadbox resides. Not sure it is going there yet.

Fits in nicely while idle. And slides out to work. Just need to put a driveway (Ikea cutting mat) under it.


endah murniyati said...

Looks a great mixer!

Mrs. Micawber said...

It doesn't need to match anything - it's a great contrast with that lovely blue. And it makes the brick floor and the warm-coloured countertop really pop in your photo!

My Kitchenaid is just plain white ... it was also a gift. Probably just as well I didn't buy it myself as I would have had a very hard time choosing just one colour. :)

Tracey Bradley said...

Lovely red mixer, and a great home for it. My mum recently bought me a fantastic silver one, and I'm not sure where to keep it. Little space on top, but don't want to tuck it away in a cupboard - more likely to get used if it's out :)

Astri Bowlin said...

What an awesome mixer and what a heart warming story behind it! Teachers are never paid enough, that's for sure. It looks really good in your adorable kitchen Linda! Mine is white and I have always longed for the red. Perhaps I'll add red dots to it. ;-)