Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wildlife Reserve or Petting Zoo?

We love most animals that we see outside our home. And sometimes we even sight some uncommon ones. 

Here are the latest wildlife sightings in our front yard: 

Wild turkeys munching in the dirt and grass heap that my hub plans to move in the future.

They looked more like peacocks than turkeys.

Actually, I am prouder of our little live oak (planted from a "found" seedling in 2008). Love the shape!

And there were really three turkeys out there near the culvert.

Pretty good sized birds. But we don't like turkey meat, remember.

Nice visit.

And then on down into the pond:

Yay, the otter is still there. See his head?

Oops! Think he saw the photographer! Camera shy?

Naw! He is strutting his stuff!

Visitors are welcome at our wildlife reserve ;)

1 comment:

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

The otter is so cool! We have a lot of turkey, but definitely no otters!