Saturday, July 26, 2014

Anne Fogarty at the Local Charity Shop

When I saw the signature on the scarf, I knew I had found something special.

Not the Vera scarf that my blog friend Jill at A Little Bit of Everything always mentions that she has found, but an Anne Fogarty designer scarf.

For 50 cents, who could go wrong? It looks (and smells) like it has never been used, but Jill gave me advice about cleaning it. ("I always handwash the scarves when I bring them home, in baby shampoo - I read them somewhere so that's just what I do, then I hang to dry and iron.")

Never heard of Anne Fogarty? After a little detective work, I found a great  bio of Anne Fogarty on Fuzzy Lizzie.

(Photo Source: Curate )

And then I found this article The Resurrection of Anne Fogarty published in  Curate  one week ago! Writer Erin Hazelton has included lots of photos in her article, too.

(Photo Source: Curate)

So Anne Fogarty style clothes are going to try to make a comeback, but I have an original signature scarf probably from the 60's.

A start of a new collection? 

Or was this just luck to find something stylish out here in the boondocks?


Anonymous said...

Those dresses bring back memories. Great find.

Jill said...

Great post, Linda - it's great to find out more info on her.

I'll keep my eyes open for any Anne Fogarty - your scarf is a beauty, I love the signature!!!

Janie Junebug said...

Now I know why I'm divorced. I wasn't a well-dressed wife. Congratulations on finding the very pretty scarf.


Janneke said...

Such a wonderfull find, I love the sixties dresses with the petticoats, shall that ever come back?

Buttons said...

Great find. I love those old clothes women looked so beautiful.Hug B