Thursday, July 31, 2014

Been There! Done That!

Okay, I am ready for something new. 

Facebook is old hat!

Pinterest is no fun!

Blogging (both writing and reading) is boring!

Hometalk is not necessary!

Candy Crush is passé!

It must be August. 

This summer vacation is no fun at all! 

Time to go 

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New clothes!

New shoes!

New friends!

New books and supplies!

New teachers!

New school year!

(Oops, I got all caught up in these thoughts. I stopped doing this school stuff six years ago when I retired. Somehow it just stays in my blood, and it all began 60 years ago when I entered 1st grade.)



Anonymous said...

It's funny isn't it? Every year around mid August I get all caught up in the 'back to school' movement. The gap betweeen the daughter being done with school and the grandkids being ready for school was just terrible. I filled it in by taking a few courses myself. Now I'm back in the 'back to school' groove....jk and grade 2.....what fun.

A Quiet Corner said...

I think the back to school wagon is at your door judging by the sounds f it....jump on and get a few computer, new printer, paper, photo supplies...:)JP