Friday, October 31, 2014

A Day in the West

Yesterday my hub and I traveled from east to west here to have lunch with friends he has known for 45 years. (And I have known for 35+!!)

We spent a lovely couple of hours enjoying the hospitality of the hosting couple in their charming old Dutch farmhouse, eating a super lunch of pumpkin soup (pumpkins home-grown), haring ( herring) on white bread, warm breads topped with delicious cheese, pate, and salads, a yummy apple/apricot crumble, and sharing tales of our life experiences as world citizen Baby Boomers.

I made a few snaps of the "boerderij" (farmhouse) that I thought you might enjoy:

The side entrance.

The front entrance.
The street where they live.

The side garden.

Looks like the secret garden entrance.

Late fall garden.

My favorite place inside--the pink kitchen. (And she has my china pattern--well at least the Villeroy en Boch version of my Franciscan Desert Rose)

A better shot of the copper funnel lamp. And Delft blue and white tiles as backsplash.

View from just inside the front door.

Cozy fireplace in the living  room.
Beautiful seed wreath. (Lunaria or Monkey Plant)

What about this sunflower seed head wreath?

Artichoke sprayed gray? Maybe. (Update: this beauty is made from a bike innertube!)

As appetizer, a fresh nasturtium bloom with a dab of cream cheese. 

A lunch to remember!

Thanks, Dutch friends!


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful home and such a wonderful meal, I llove that pink kitchen and the room inside, so spacious! The nature items used for decoration are exactly what I love!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous house and gardens.

Anonymous said...

Wat een prachtig huis hebben jullie vrienden.
Het kan niet anders dan het moet heel gezellig geweest zijn!

Lieve groet,

Janneke said...

A lovely old farmhouse, real Dutch. The old pink painted kitchen looks lovely and what a great idea to make a lamp of a copper funnel. Great decorations too, especially the wreath of sunflower seedheads and I am going to steal the idea of using Nasturtium flowers with creamcheese as appetizer, easy, delicious and beautiful, what else do we want.

Buttons said...

Oh I love the Netherlands homes they have such wonderful taste in decorating your friends, such a beautiful home. The food I have to say has me wanting herring and pumpkin soup right now. No one does it better than the dutch in the cooking at least for my tastes.I cannot see any Kale in the garden a dutch staple so I have been told. Thank you for sharing. Hug B

Janie Junebug said...

I love their house, especially the pink kitchen. I've known someone for about fifty years, but we haven't seen each other for twenty or so years. We still exchange Christmas cards. I think it's great that you still get together with these long-time friends.


Carla from The River said...

I love the house and the garden. Oh,so much fun.
Thank you for sharing.

Willy said...

De buitenkant vind ik al zo mooi en nu mogen we via jouw foto's ook nog even binnenkijken. Prachtig en sfeervol. Fijne zondag,