Monday, November 3, 2014

Now That's What You Call Old!

Remember that summer day in November? Well, we are back to autumn today. Still not winter, thank goodness!

Yesterday we took that two hour walk to the city center of Deventer, The Netherlands, and I made a few photos of some old things (mostly buildings). If you come back later, you might actually find captions. If I add my own without consultation, I am sure to get it all wrong. Such is the life living with a former tour guide.  ;P


Anonymous said...

thank you for taking us with you! What beautiful buildings!!

Anonymous said...

Is het niet geweldig?

Liefs, Gerry

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tour. Thank you.

Willy said...

Fijn om even mee te wandelen door Deventer.
Een aantal plekjes komen mij bekend voor, maar niet alles ken ik.
Het wordt tijd om het allemaal eens te gaan bekijken, we wonen er zelfs in de buurt.
Fijne week,