Thursday, March 10, 2016

I (Can't/Don't Like to) COOK

What is better than this endive/mashed potatoes/bacon stamppot for leftovers for tomorrow evening?

What about two of these?

For an "I hate to cook" cook, I always try to prepare enough food for my hub and me to eat for two evening meals. 

Now that we are back at the Beltway Apartment for our "spring/tulip break," we are eating Dutch.

Last night was Chinese Babi Panggang (I found it frozen solid and hiding in the freezer for the last five months).

Tonight's dinner was the stamppot pictured above.

For lunch we had Gouda cheese sandwiches and Nutella sandwiches.

My afternoon snack today was a bowl of thick yoghurt with muesli, while my hub had rolmops (pickled herring) on bread.

My nearest neighbor at Wetcreek, USA recently asked us if we eat like she does. 

I hope she reads this blog post. ;>)))


Willy said...

Welkom in Nederland.
Mijn favoriete stamppotgerecht.

Joanne Noragon said...

Oh my goodness. When my friend Ann was a boarding school student in Switzerland she and her friends of many cultures shared inexpensive, rib sticking meals. I do not recall who she said she learned this from, but they called it Hot Burning Love, and traditionally prepared it on a Friday night when no one had a date.

David Smith said...

Patti and I just signed up for Hello Fresh as recommended by our daughter who is a dentist with a newborn. They have been doing it for a couple of weeks and say it is awesome. I could go for the potatoes but would have to pass on the

Hindustanka said...

Hi Linda... sorry to admit, but I also don't like to cook. I like to bake almost anything though, I really Like it. so my hubby gave up I guess and cooks delicious meals on weekends, fish or chicken:) I can cook something tasty too, but he never likes it as much..
Have a nice weekend!