Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pink Icing and Foamy Vanilla Filling. Bah, Albert Heijn!

I am so happy that Dutch families are using their ovens again. Surely the television program "Heel Holland Bakt" (All of Holland Bakes) has helped that initiative. 

And do they ever need it. Most real Dutch bakery goods taste reasonable but are way too expensive. 
(Luckily bread is still very tasty, as long as you eat it when it is freshly made.)

Supermarket baked goods, on the other hand, leave a lot to be desired. Every single time that I purchase some cake, pie, cookies, tarts, etc. from any of the local supermarkets, I ask myself, "why did you do that?" 

We do eat what we buy, but who knows what we are even eating.

Would you eat this tompouce/Napoleon? Not good, Albert Heijn!


Joanne Noragon said...

I googled to see how tompounce is made. The first thing I came upon said open the package. Remove the cakes. Put two on the bottom. Open the custard powder. Add milk. Stir until it sets up. Spread over cakes. Press the other two cakes on top. Tear open the frosting foil, squeeze it out and spread.

Yuck. I bet this is a really light dessert if made with real ingredients.

Linda said...

Dear Joanne,
The package mix you read the instructions for is actually far tastier than what I showed on my blog 😂😂😂❣At least I have tried it and used milk instead of water in the pastry pudding filling. Unfortunately most of the time the cookie wafers are stale (bah!), and the icing/glaze is terrible. Just give me a homemade tollhouse cookie made with real butter, sugar, eggs, flour, and Nestle chocolate chips. (Recipe on the Nestle bag)
Enjoy your Sunday. My husband is hoping your grand-daughter knows how to set up multiple computers at one time.😉

Mrs. Micawber said...

Whenever we are tempted by supermarket baked goods I just take a look at the ingredient list and it kills the desire to buy them. Much better to make our own sweets with minimal ingredients! :D

Happy spring, Linda. Hope you are doing well.

Janie Junebug said...

I used to bake a lot. My children loved my homemade rolls. I don't bake now because I'm alone most of the time. If I bake, then I'll eat it. Instead, I buy some simple, inexpensive cookies sometimes--the packaged kind in the grocery store. The cookies in the bakery section have sickeningly sweet icing piled on them.