Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Lights Out

Saturday was the big day I had been waiting for. 


My high school graduating class of 1966 held a reunion this last weekend. Hub and I signed up for the dinner/dancing on Saturday evening at the community center and joined the other old gray (and mostly out-of-shape) retired baby boomers. 

Thank goodness for name tags so that I knew who I was speaking to from those forgotten friends and acquaintances that I left behind 50 years ago. Although I can vaguely remember our 10th reunion (where I was seated with newly divorced female classmates that I had never (ever!) conversed with in high school), most of these folks have been as distant as the farthest star. I never was much at keeping up friendships when the school doors were closed for holidays. And having spent almost 30 years of my life after high school living in Europe, I had really distanced myself from my "homies."

There were hugs from formerly close (and even not so close) buddies from school, debate club, chorus, and church. There were even a few shouts across the room from gals and guys that I had known over one half of a century (oh, gads!) ago. I actually had made a mental list of the folks I wanted to make sure to see for perhaps the last time in my life, but before the dinner was even served the lights were dimmed and the music got louder.

Then old, shy Linda pulled back into her former self, and we left the other old folks behind and drove 1 1/2 hours back to our peaceful Wetcreek. A place where we have few dark days and music when we desire it.


JP A Quiet Corner said...

Good for you...glad you went and yes, once "home" life becomes ours!...:)JP

Joanne Noragon said...

I considered my 50th, and stayed home. The only people I cared to see are gone.