Sunday, February 22, 2015

Birkenstock For Sale

No,  I haven't started a new business. But we did stop off at a Birkenstock shoe outlet store near Cologne, Germany. To be precise it was in Bad Honnef.

I have been a Birkenstock fan since my "teacher's" feet developed heel spurs back 20 years ago. Back then my foot doctor recommended Birkenstock sandals, and I never went back to regular shoes. Baker's Shoe Store shoes and Bass flats did a job on my feet. Heel spurs are no joy to walk on. There was a time that I was ready to jump into a wheel chair and be done with the pain, but a good "shoebox" insole for my street shoes and Birkenstocks saved the day!

I know that some people hate the formed cork insoles of Birkenstock, but they are great for me. And recently my hub has joined me in being a Birkenstock enthousiast. So it was he who noticed that we would be near a shop on our way to the Dusseldorf airport today.

We walked out with a pair of sandals for him with "comfortable/white dot" footbeds and a pair of black Madrid sandals, Moss green Boston slipons, orange sport Birkies, and two pair of loose insoles for me. All that for the price of one pair of Birkenstock sandals in the States.

I am sold on my Birkies!


A Quiet Corner said...

When I was in Aruba last year, Lin, I bought a pair and they are the cat's meow!!...:)JP

Janie Junebug said...

My mom said she couldn't stand to walk in shoes that didn't have a heel. Well, she ended up pretty much not standing at all because her heel spurs were so bad. I take good care of my little feeties.


Delores said...

I got a pair and ended up giving them to my daughter...I just couldn't adjust to them. She saved them for when she gets gout.

Carla from The River said...

I need to give them a try. I have heard so many great things about them.