Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Home Alone ( Not Really)

Flip is living a "dog's life" with our son while we have a cultural vacation in north Africa. Then we will try again to get the water heater replaced in the Beltway apartment.

If there are Wifi possibilities in Morocco, then I will try to share with you our experiences.

In the meantime, Flip is trying to figure out where we are and where he is supposed to sleep. 

And we are getting over jet lag after one of the bumpiest flights we have ever had over the Atlantic. Not only was the atmosphere rough, but the two little Dutch boys sitting behind us in the plane were finger and foot happy. From punching the video monitor while playing games and watching movies to jamming their feet through our plane seats and punching our backsides, they never slept a wink! Nor did we!!!

I am looking forward to warm weather, spicy and warm cuisine, and warm colors and a beautiful Unesco culture tour.

Right now it is water cold here in this small "kikkerland." Brrrr!

Tot Ziens!


NanaDiana said...

That reminds me once again why I hate to Hope you have beautiful weather. Poor Flip-lol xo Diana

A Quiet Corner said...

Poor Flip...good thing he doesn't have separation anxiety!...:)JP

Janie Junebug said...

I think you should have accidentally injured one or both of those boys and then apologized profusely.


Linda said...

Don't think that would be the right thing to do, Janie. Perhaps I should have alerted the father who did seem to be able to sleep. Unfortunately, a stewardess complimented the father on the perfect behaviour of the boys. Grrrrr!!! Linda

Alie said...

Fijne vakantie!! En de hond vermaakt hem wel zo te zien :)

Janie Junebug said...

Grrrrr. During The Hurricane's high school graduation (she was the valedictorian so it was an especially important day for us), a man sat next to me who had a squirmy child on his lap. Said child was probably about four. Said child kicked me throughout most of the ceremony. When it was time for the valediction, I put my hand on the brat's leg and whispered fiercely, Stop kicking me. He did better, at least until the valediction was over.

Carla from The River said...

Have fun and keep us posted when you can.
Sending a hug for Flip.