Saturday, April 18, 2015

And Another "Badge of Courage"

 I have found that planting a veggie garden involves much bending, but little walking.
While washing up the front porch will put lots of steps on your step counter. Some steps even count as elevation.

Here is my new badge:

Please, no rude comments about the name of this active volcano in Japan! 

Just be happy for me that I am still stepping up steps as well as stepping on horizontal ground.


Janneke said...

Good of you to have another ´Badge of Courage´ for vertical steps now, but I could not help laughing out loud when I read your sentence: 'Please, no rude comments.....' I even should not have noticed it on the badge, without your remark, now I cannot stop laughing, stupid, but I'm always laughing about the wrong things.
Wish you a happy Sunday in Louisiana.

Delores said...

Stepping AND hearty congratulations.