Monday, April 13, 2015

You Know You Live in the "Sticks" When

You see two snakes in your pond and one black rat snake in the yard in one afternoon!

You see a coyote crossing your driveway at noon! (Wouldn't that be a great picture? Sorry, I didn't have my camera in my pocket.)

You see wild fish the size of your longest finger and one even big enough to eat in your pond! (Maybe the big one is one of the $10 dollar grass carps we threw into the pond last December.)

You see two herons fly off from the banks of your pond.

You see a Canadian goose munching at the edge of the pond.

You get eaten up by mosquitoes when you go out with Flip for your morning walk.

Then you know you are "in the sticks."


Anonymous said...

sounds like perfection to me! Except that snake,, I like to keep my distance,,,

handmade by amalia said...

If I saw three snakes around my house in one afternoon - I would move :-)
The rest I would love to see, lucky you.

Anonymous said...

You've got the best and the worst all in one day.

Linda said...

Snakes ( even tiny ones) freak me out, too. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I just visited you on your lovely blog. Have a good day! Linda

A Quiet Corner said...

All the BEST...that's living "rural" Linda!...:)JP

Kate said...

Sounds nice and peaceful, though :-)