Monday, April 27, 2015

Koningsdag 2015 on the Thrift

No fanfare! Just simply "Lang Leve de Koningspaar". (I never said I could write in Dutch.)

Multi-national gifts, finds, Treasures!

Pure Dutch thrift store finds.


Janneke said...

Leuke rommelmarkt vondsten. Als dit echt Delfts blauw van de Porceleynen Fles is, zijn het super vondsten.
groet, Janneke

Anonymous said...

It all looks lovely...I especially like it at your house. You can dust it lol.

Linda said...

Not for the price I paid! I will look though. Janneke, thanks for your kind comments. Linda

Linda said...

I think a potential cleaning lady made the same remark about dusting. Delores, your remarks keep me grounded. Thanks. Linda