Monday, September 14, 2015

Wetcreek VII Can Soup

I was at the hospital from 8:00 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. today. My mom looks better than she did last week or the week before or the week before that. Three weeks in the hospital and three more to go. Anyone who asks her how long she has to stay, she says, "6 weeks." But we hope our counting is more correct and that she can go to her home in three more weeks.

Tomorrow is my "wissel" day, so I will stay home and hopefully get to the cleaning I started over three weeks ago. 

For dinner tonight, we are going to try Wetcreek VII Can Soup (or an adaptation on the Pioneer Woman's 7 can soup recipe).

Above is what you need to make the soup. ^

I started with a can of white hominy. Why I bought this, I'll never know! But here it goes.

Next, an ordinary can of diced tomatoes. (Notice that I've visited both Walmart and Dollar General.)

Then I creamed in a can of cream style sweet corn.

And added a can of black beans. 

Last can of beans was cannellini beans.

Next came spoonfuls of authentic chili with beans.

And I topped it all off with a can of habanero diced tomatoes.

This is what it looks like. ^

Ree's recipe calls for Velveeta cheese. I never buy that cheese food, so I added two heaping cups of shredded cheese, which I keep frozen in our huge freezer.

It is ready in a few minutes and looks like this .^

The soup tastes very spicy, but it should be great with taco chips. 

Comment from my hub: "It is good soup! Tastes good! In fact, I am going to get more!"


A Quiet Corner said...

Looks easy enough, Lin...wish the Pres like spicy!!...:)JP

Anonymous said...

Hmmm interesting Linda but I'm a little confused what is hominy???? Also do you drain the liquid from the cans or do you just plonk it all in there? Do you add any other liquid??? I hope things are ok with your mum, I have obviously missed something so I'm going to go back a few posts to see. Take care my friend. x

Linda said...

As for the soup, hominy is a real "southern U.S." food item. Really old fashioned. Is there such a thing as vintage food? Ha! It is boiled kernels of corn with the husk removed. Not much flavor, but a filler. Mostly served with butter and salt and pepper. Ever heard of "grits"? This is where grits come from. Another real "southern" food. Don't think you will find either down your way, so if you try this recipe use a can of corn or your favorite beans. And I added no water. Just used the liquid in the cans. Easy soup! Linda

Buttons Thoughts said...

I do hope your Mom is out of there soon. I am going to try this soup looks delicious and with a recommendation from your hubby well I am sure mine will agree. Hug B

Kate said...

So glad your mom has passed the halfway point of her stay and is doing better! Yum, that does look delicious! And I think I could manage that. Just can't add anything spicy. Cooler days are coming, so soup will be in the works. Thanks for sharing!