Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Too Close for Comfort

Fall 2015 at the Beltway Apartment 

We have been here one week today, and my Dutch hub has taken up my walking challenge without even realizing it. He hasn't stopped running errands and pushing me around (this time really "pushing me around"in a wheelchair) since we arrived. It is a shame that I left my pedometer at home. He could have racked up some good steps for me!

Today we left the Beltway Apartment for an appointment with our "eye guy." My eyeglass prescription from a year ago is still good, but my husband needs a new lens. After the eye exams and lens order were made, we "pushed" on over to the supermarkets. I usually love grocery shopping, but since my mobility in the kitchen and in the supermarket is slow and limited, my hub has taken on the shopping job. At the first store, he had only one item (my muesli) to buy, so he left me outside the jewelry store next door. After I checked out the silver bargains, I turned around to watch the passing shoppers going by me. 

Immediately I remembered I was in The Netherlands. Although I had backed my wheelchair up against the jewelry store wall between two parked bikes, pedestrians were walking incredibly close to my broken foot. 

Now who could miss that Smurf leg? Well, a couple of shoppers came within an inch of knocking my broken foot off the wheelchair footrest.


No eye contact, but foot contact! 

That was too close for my comfort!


Joanne Noragon said...

The blue is quite obvious. Perhaps a bicycle bell would cause pedestrians to look up.

Anonymous said...

Stick a little flag between your toes lol.

Janneke said...

Yes, that's real Dutch, they almost walk your feet off even a Smurf blue broken one. Is n't it ridiculous.

handmade by amalia said...

Oh, poor you, Linda. Other people. I like the idea of a bell, and if you got one of those huge cow bells you could take up weight lifting instead of walking :-)