Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christian Card

I have never been a Bible packing Christian, and I rarely openly discuss my faith. But today as I cleaned out my purse I found a small card with this poem written by Emily Matthews. The card slipped out of a vintage Seiko watch instruction pamphlet that I found at my Mom's house.

God, Will Carry You

When it seems as though
 the Lord's no longer with us,
 It's important to remember
what He said:
"If you fail to see Me 
walking right beside you,
It's because I have you
 in my arms instead--
And together we will cross
 the highest mountain,
Together we will face
 the stormy sea,
You never are alone,
 you're never helpless!
I'll carry you----
let go and lean on Me."
(Emily Matthews)

[Suppose this was a message for me.]

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