Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Just Hang Up

Almost no one ever calls our landline phone except someone selling something or someone trying to scam us. I am almost tempted to unplug it.

Important message for today: Microsoft will not make unsolicited phone calls to help you with your computer. If you receive a phone call like this, hang up.

I hung up after I heard an Indian accent say,  "This is Microsoft."


Joanne Noragon said...

I did not install a house phone, much to the dismay of the cable company. It's not really a "land line," and I did not need to spend the money. Don't miss it at all. In spite of the national do no call list, I still get calls on my cell phone to give me a million dollars. "Hello" is all they get.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I'm on the do not call list, but I still get spam calls.