Monday, August 12, 2019

Kokedama String Fern

A few years ago I took a Master Gardeners course and became a Master Gardener with all that entails. Recently my hubby and I spent a couple of days demolishing five raised veggie beds that had filled with weeds and the walls had rotted. So except for a few tomato plants on the front porch and whatever plants have survived the Louisiana heat, that is about as much master gardening as I do these days.

I try to attend the monthly Master Gardeners meetings when we are here, but I discontinued keeping track of my gardening hours after my mom died in October 2015. I am just waiting for our LSU sponsor to reprimand me for that delinquency. Considering my health hasn’t been that great for volunteering gardening help or advice to anyone in a while, maybe I have an excuse. Taking care of my own weeds and struggling plants is work enough in this heat.

Today at our regular MG meeting we had a demonstration for preparing Japanese Kokedama plants. I was really planning on just watching the other members do their thing, since I had not signed up to participate. Then I realized that several members who signed up did not show up for the demonstration, so I dived right in.

Here is my result. A fern plant with its root ball wrapped in wet moss and packed in with clear fishing line. The plant can be displayed in a dish like I did or hanging from a string or macrame hanging. Think I will try an orchid next. Now who will water this when I am traveling?😳



Joanne Noragon said...

Is the saran wrap to hold it up, or hold in moisture, or some other purpose? It Looks pretty cool. I'd like to see it with an orchid.

Linda said...

😂😂The plastic wrap is to protect my vintage plate. I have seen what plant drainage can do to my pottery. Thanks for asking, Joanne. 😉Linda