Saturday, October 19, 2013

And the Circus Begins

We knew when we planned to come to the Beltway Apartment for remodeling that we would need a few weeks to get it all done. But that it would take almost two weeks to get the work started is still a bit disappointing.

Anyway, the electrician/builder/plumber will begin on Monday at 10:00 am. He will do what he can to get the apartment ready for the next step--painting. We have opted to have the living, kitchen, and foyer given a new white wash. No trim work is necessary, thank goodness! Still waiting on the best bid for that work. We have contacted four painters now, and we will choose the one that is most reasonable and can begin painting a week from Monday. 

After the paint work, the EBP guy will come back to finish up, and then the wooden floor guy can do his thing in the entire apartment.

Then we will be right down to the edge, so to speak. If we have a couple of days left to breathe before we head back home for Thanksgiving, that will be a miracle.

New built-in fridge.

New induction cooktop and new microwave.

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