Saturday, October 26, 2013

Burn the House Down!

The painters are here at the Beltway Apartment today. We were informed they would be here around 8:00 AM, but it was more like 10:00 AM. My hub had given up and had gone back to bed when they finally showed up.

After the initial shock of the high, high ceilings and exposed beams that needed to be "packed in" then the painter and his son began the "packing in" process. After a couple of hours, they ran out of packing paper and the son went out to find some. He found nothing, but I had saved a huge roll of moving wrapping paper from last year's furniture move. Luckily they could use that. (Note:I am "packed in" too. I can't get out of the spare bedroom! It is 8:40 PM as I write this blog post.)

New heater "packed in."

Beams, new air conditioner, and windows "packed in."

Intercom, doors, and electrical outlets "packed in."

Around 5:30 PM the painting process began. Darkness falls here around 6:30 PM. Hope they have lamps!

We don't!

Oh, they "packed in" the kitchen hanging lamp, and it was turned on. You guessed it. The packing caught fire! I can smell the awful smoke smell in my temporary "remodeling cave" in the spare bedroom.

My Jysk recliner that we bought last fall.

My chair serves also as my coat rack and has my blanket and shawl. Our computer and dining table are behind our chairs. New (old) door on the left goes out to the foyer. The door on the right now goes to the walk-in closet. 

I hate the accordian coat racks on the doors, but if I remove them I will have to fill in the nail holes and repaint the doors. Painting the new door frames is enough work for me.

A few last words:

This is THE LAST BUILDING or REMODELING JOB I am going to do! Ever! None of these guys (Dutch or American) clean up after themselves! I even scrubbed and washed the plaster from the gipson board trash off the brick driveway to the apartment building this morning!

Thank goodness for our Shop Vac!!!!!

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