Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Holy Oliebollen!"

After you have made chicken, sausage, shrimp gumbo and your last Greek yoghurt for 2014, what else can you do on the last day of the year?

Why make homemade Dutch Oliebollen! And not just one recipe, but two! 

I mixed up the batters, and I had Flip and the two J's to help me man the Fry Daddy. We had tried this a couple of years ago and knew this deep fat frying of these yeast balls/ beignets is best done out on the screened in back porch ( due to the frying smells). But when we began flipping "fat balls," the back porch temperature was already hanging around 7 degrees Celsius. Wrapped in old sweaters and outside gardening jackets, the three of us plus a jacketless pooch attacked first the traditional recipe in my MIL's copy of Het Haagse Kookboek and then one I found on the Internet (Recipe).

Results: 40+ yummy oliebollen!

And, yes, we sampled a few! 
Wouldn't you?


It's me said...

Happy new good health...lots of love joy and Ria...!!

Anonymous said...

They look delicious...and fattening. Just what you need for New Years Day lol. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Eet smakelijk!
En een heel fijn, goed en mooi nieuw jaar gewenst!

Lieve groet,