Sunday, December 7, 2014

High Tech Gift Giving--Casio Melody 80

Love Letter

28 november 1979

Beste Mother and Daddy,

We went shopping tonight for Sinterklaas presents. Mrs. S. said they shouldn't be over 5 guilders, but that is only $2.50 worth. Where do you find such gifts? Anyway we bought books, shaving brushes, make-up mirrors, etc. Now J.  and I have to make up poems tomorrow night. We will go to Olst on Friday for the week-end. We will have Sinterklaas either Saturday or Sunday (Dec. 1st or 2nd) night. Officially, it is Dec. 5th, but we won't be there.

If anyone needs an idea for J's present, he needs socks. He wears size 10 shoes, and I think that is a size 12 sock. He wears only solid colors (blue, navy, grey, brown, etc.). He could also use a nice tie to wear with a grey suit. These are just hints. Please don't buy these if you already have his gift. I thought maybe F. or S. might need suggestions.

J. bought my real Christmas present tonight. They are two thin gold rings that I've wanted for two years. He will wait until Christmas morning to give them to me. He wants a Casio Melody 80 calculator (Check out this video on YouTube ), so we'll buy that at the airport (tax-free shop).

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I will wrap that up for his Christmas present. I still have to buy his Sinterklaas present (either a desk set or dop kit) tomorrow. I didn't want him to see me buy it tonight.

A's baby is due the first of next week. But she is still going strong. Little D. keeps her busy. They called here last week, and D. asked if Tante "Inda" was coming to bring him a "Kado" -present. He will surely have fun this week-end. I can't wait to see his little eyes. This will be his first real Dutch Sinterklaas.

I didn't teach today (only Monday and Tuesday), but I had a Dutch lesson. Also, I made myself a velour shirt from J's. That is the one I sewed him last year, and it didn't fit. I blocked two baby afghans that I'll wrap for gifts for A. and a friend of ours, M.V.  Dinner tonight was delicious liver and onions plus cooked turnips. So my stay-at-home day was busy.

We have one flight change in our schedule. On December 20--the Air Canada flight from Toronto to Dallas is AC 796. We leave Toronto at 9:05 a.m. and arrive in Dallas at 11:20 a.m. That will put us into Alex. around 8:00 p.m. (more or less). We have reservations to rent a National Car Rental auto. Everything is ready except the luggage. But you know me, I always pack at the last minute.

Don't work too hard. Enjoy the holiday shoppers. If they are like the ones here, they are nuts. Luckily tonight we didn't see too many shoppers.

I'll close and get ready for bed. Take care and we'll see you soon.

Linda and J.


NanaDiana said...

I absolutely love reading these. How old were you in 79? I think you might have been about my age then. Look at that Casio! What a fun peek back in time. xo Diana

Mrs. Micawber said...

This is such a fun post, packed full of memories. I don't remember calculators like that one - kind of a precursor to the smartphone, when you think about it.

The "velour top" triggered a memory of making my sister a velour dress back around the same time as you wrote your letter. The dress was burgundy, v-neck, very like a long sweatshirt but without a bottom band, and she wore it with a very thin gold stretchy belt. Good times! :)

DrivingDutchman said...

I think I found that calculator and played with it when I was a kid...

Buttons said...

I will wave when you go over my house:) Have fun and home soon will be nice for you. B

Carla from The River said...

LOL ~ very fun indeed. :-)

Janneke said...

I loved reading this letter and it brings me memories to the seventies too. I think we are about of the same age.
I could not help laughing loud reading this sentence: "Enjoy the holiday shoppers. If they are like the ones here, they are nuts." You might be right, haha.

Anonymous said...

Prachtig Linda, die oude brieven!

Liefs, Gerry