Saturday, December 20, 2014

Has Facebook Become Grandma's Brag Book?

Warning: Last night I bragged about my great blog numbers, and tomorrow I may be crying about losing followers. Oh, well! Here goes--

How did Facebook become Grandma's Brag Book? 

Remember that little photograph album ( pocketbook size) that your grandma carried around in her cavernous purse? 
The one with photos of her children and their "sprouts" and sometimes even "sprouts of sprouts." 
The one that had your pictures from birth until whenever. 
The same one that contained the most embarrassing snapshots of you and your siblings and cousins and other near or distant relatives. 
You know the one that somehow always appeared when you were trying to impress a new boyfriend/girlfriend?

Well, now Grandma/Grandpa have Facebook instead of a brag book. And they have even convinced your parents and other relatives to cooperate in making photo submissions and commenting.

Next time you browse your family/friends on Facebook, just notice who is posting photos and making comments. 

And who is checking out "Grandma's FaceBook" anyway?

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Mrs. Micawber said...

I think Facebook has become everyone's brag book ... but isn't it fun to see the photos?

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Linda. :)