Sunday, May 31, 2015

Get a Dog If...

Get a dog if....

1. You need to get up out of your chair.

2. You need to get regular walking exercise.

3. You need someone to depend on you to make dinner ( breakfast, snack, lunch, brunch, snack, supper, snack, treat).

4. You need someone to talk to (to listen to you talk).

5. You need someone to be kept clean and tick free.

6. You need a shadow.

7. You need someone to pick up after.

8. You need someone to shop for (like dogfood, treats).

9. You need someone to tickle/pet.

10. You need to put it to bed, so you can get some rest.


Donna Wilkes said...

If you need someone to give you wet, sloppy kisses when you least expect it.

DrivingDutchman said...


Mrs. Micawber said...

11. You need someone to love you no matter what. :)

NanaDiana said...

You need someone to chase the cat so it gets some exercise! xo Diana

handmade by amalia said...

If you need someone to play with your favorite yarn, tangle it, slobber all over it, and then give you an innocent look.