Friday, May 1, 2015

The Real Scoop on the Poop

One of my " outside jobs" is to knock the leaf eating caterpillars off of our trees, flowers, and all green plants. 
Over the years, I have learned to recognize those critters ( not by name, of course). The most common ones are the big black fuzzy wuzzy ones that creep around on our veranda and love the leaves of the little sapplings along our driveway. 

(Borrowed photo, since I am sick of seeing these guys.)

I use my rustic walking stick to knock them off the branches and leaves and then smash them with my rubber boot. Don't tell me they will develop into beautiful moths. We have enough beautiful moths and butterflies and bees and wasps and mosquitoes and lovebugs, thank you. But nothing should be making a snack out of my plants!

I noticed this morning that something had been munching on my Knock-out roses. Well, here is the culprit:

And it moves with lightning speed.

A truly great unknown photographer got a shot of a "bird poop" caterpillar like the one I stepped on this morning before making a photo.
(Borrowed photo!)

Now you have the real "poop" on my caterpillar invasion!


Delores said...

'Bird poop caterpillar'????? Yuck.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

This is the first I've heard of a bird poop caterpillar! I must tell my boys about that.

NanaDiana said...

I hear you!!! I know they are some of God's creatures, too, but caterpillars have always kind of creeped me out. That and spiders- you can have all of mine---anyone that wants to preserve them is welcome to do so. xo Diana

Janneke said...

Heel veel mensen zullen je deze post niet in dank afnemen Linda, maar ooo wat moet ik er om lachen. Ik zie het voor me: Je mept ze met je stok van de plant af en dan lekker stampen op de rupsen met je laarzen, haha. Rupsen kunnen heel vervelend zijn, ook hier, maar bij jullie lijkt het wel een plaag.

laurie said...

they are beautiful aren't they, so lovely, the photos are amazing, truly amazing, even the poop ones,, thank you for the kind words today on my blog, ,,,