Sunday, May 17, 2015

Three Months Before the Wedding --6 March 1980

(As I read and publish my letters from 35 years ago, I just imagine what life would have been like if we had had computers and especially Google. But then again, these letters would not exist. And there would be nothing to help me remember "how things were in the old days.")

6 March 1980
Donderdag morgen

Dear Mother and Daddy,

We received your letter of Feb.19 yesterday. Two weeks is entirely too long for mail from the U.S. Perhaps you could try mailing my letter in several different places (write the mailbox location on the envelope flap), and we'll let you know which location makes for the fastest service. By the time we get your letters, the news is too old. I love receiving any news from home, but I also want it as soon as possible. 

How is the new baby? We are curious to know all about her and what she looks like. How does little J. feel now that he isn't the baby? But then I guess he never thought of himself as being a baby. J. still talks about how grown- up he was. When S. was in his way, he said, "Back up." J 's nephew D. will be three next month, and J. out-talks him by far. A. said D. didn't sleep any of the 26 hour flight except the last 30 minutes. Then she couldn't awaken him and had to carry the litttle rascal off the plane. It took 3 airline stewardesses to help her with the children and hand luggage.

Concerning the towels and such that you received in the mail: Just pay the bill and don't worry about reordering, we'll get other towels another time when we are home.  Perhaps you could pack as much as possible in my little red suitcase and then bring it with you in June. Each of you can bring 2 suitcases, so that shouldn't be a problem. If you can't fit everything in the bag, we'll get it another time when we are in the States. Check my balance on my checking account please. I have only written one check (Date-Feb.25-No.136-To:York Quality Namemaker (Handmade by Linda) -Amount: $25.00). But I still have money in my savings, so you may need to transfer some.

I have a savings account here that draws 7 1/4% interest yearly. That is about like I had in BR at the Teacher's Credit Union. I get paid in cash at work, so I don't have much banking to do. And the bank charges me $2.50 to transfer money from my checking account to another, so I do little banking. Hopefully after I marry, they will cut out some of these extra charges.

We haven't made any wedding plans yet. I still have to sit down and figure out exactly what I want. Then I can discuss everything rationally. Otherwise, there will be hurt feelings and misunderstandings. And I've told J. that if there is too much confusion, we'll just elope and forget the rest.

10:00 a.m.
Well, I'm not alone anymore. Everyone is here except my two bosses. I suppose they will arrive soon. I've read the news report in English and the Herald Tribune, so I'm ready for today. I just heard the Ambassador unlock his door, so I'll close and go in to take his mail.
10:50 a.m.
Well, I'm free again. My bosses came, and I've finished my little duties. I hope that I have enough to do today to keep me from being bored.

J. is going to an old car meeting tonight, so I'll wash clothes and get my sewing together. I have 6 things to sew plus I want to hem my skirts a little. I will be busy for a while. Mother, could you mail me the Spring-Summer issue of Bride's Magazine plus any other bride's magazines. I can't get them here, and I need ideas. If you can't find anything don't worry. I'll make do.

I'll close now and find something to read. Take care and write when you can.
Love, Linda and J.


NanaDiana said...

I love these old letters. I can just picture you taking the mail in to the Ambassador and praying that there was enough to do for the day so that you didn't get too bored. xo Diana

Mrs. Micawber said...

7 percent interest?!? Those were the days....

Did you sew your own wedding dress?