Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fried Green Tomatoes, Anyone?

I know what you are thinking when you see my morning's tomato harvest. Fried Green Tomatoes?
Nah, we are just going to let them ripen. 

With the rainy weather we have had the last two months, these "maters" don't know what to do. The plants were top-heavy, fell over, and anything pink, yellow, or red was attacked by little critters (aka stink bugs, worms, and birds). 

So today I pulled the largest and ripest tomatoes and hopefully some will ripen. But probably none will get "fried." They already had their chance for that out in the 95F heat the last few days.

(Note the eggplant and two green bell peppers and my lone pink glad in the vintage beer bottle. Those are products of my garden, too. The pears, avocadoes, and bananas are from lands far away.)


Wendy Bellino said...

Most of the gardeners I've talked to have picked early because of those same reasons. The tomatoes I let ripen on my kitchen counter were soooooo good!

Janneke said...

So many unripe tomatoes. In autumn I put the last tomatoes on the windowsill to ripen, the result is mostly not too good probably due to not having enough warmth and sun in our country.

Anonymous said...

I believe I have my grandmoms recipe for green tomato's delish.