Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Love Letters Binge--5 Days Until the Wedding (Anniversary)

Monday, May 5, 1980

Dear Mother and Daddy,

We have the day off today, and our friends will leave around 8:00 tonight. We've had a good week with them, but I'm tired. We'll mail our Holland bound invitations tonight when we take the B's to the train.

I've thought of some other things that I want you to bring.
1. One brides's book--the white kind that guests sign at the reception. I think it also has a place for gifts to be registered. 
2. One feather pen to sign the bride's book.
3. Wedding cake knife-- not something real expensive. You might suggest this as a gift from someone.
4. Napkins (white with gold or silver print)--200 will be enough. I don't know what they put on them. Perhaps "J. and Linda
              June 7, 1980"

All of the things above should be paid for from my account. If you have any questions, just call me. I received my state income tax form Saturday, and I'll mail the form today. I will receive $16.32 refund, so look for the check in the mail.

Everything is o'kay. I sent an invitation to the VanNatta's and the Simpson's today. I had forgotten about them. 

I'll close and we'll see you soon.

Linda & J.

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NanaDiana said...

The big day is coming!!!! That was a nice little windfall of cash back then! xo Diana