Tuesday, June 2, 2015

More Love Letter Binge Reading

14 April 1980
Monday morning

Dear Mother and Daddy,

We had a beautiful, sunny, and warm (70 degrees F) week-end. J. was in Belgium and France, but I got all of the washing and cleaning done. Yesterday I even sewed two skirts.

J. came home around 4:00, and I drove to Amsterdam with him to return the rental car. We drove through the tulip fields, but it is still too early for flowers. J. said I was so nice to him when he returned, that he thinks he'll go away again this week-end. I hope he is joking!

We got our invitations printed this week, and they look good. We will probably mail them the end of April. Now I have to sketch a picture of my wedding cake and decide on my flowers.

J. visited the airport at Brussels so that he would know where to go to collect you. He said the airport isn't too big, so you won't get lost. And everyone speaks English at the airport, so have no fear.

How is S? Perhaps I can call him this week to see how he is doing. With a houseful of children, I would  have dizzy spells, too!

Several things come to my mind that you might bring me:
8-10 pair of L'eggs panty hose--Regular Size B or Average Nude or Suntan (toe in-not sheer toe)
2 bottles or tubes of Head and Shoulders shampoo ( medium or large size)
1 box of food coloring ( little plastic bottles- be careful!)

If you see anything cute in your department, buy it with my money and then bring it with you. I wear 7 and 9 now since I weigh only 118 lbs. ( Nerves did it!!)

When I think of something else I'll let you know. J. said if you were planning to bring his parents a gift you might bring a blood pressure meter, but don't buy it yet. Personally, I think that would be a terrible gift. But we'll see.

I'll close now and get ready for lunch. I can sit outside on the patio here at the Embassy.

Take care and write when you can. 
Linda and J.

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15 April 1980


Please find out the addresses and mail these two letters for me. The address of the license bureau in B.R. may be sufficient, but I had no idea about the tax people. (I kept copies of the letters.)

It is hot here again today. (75 degrees F or more) I got a little sun at lunch.

Love, Linda

(((And still another letter::)))

21 April 1980
Monday afternoon

Dear Mother and Daddy,

Well, I earned my pay this a.m. I was busy for three solid hours. Between typing, phoning, and making coffee, I could hardly find time to breathe. Everything is much calmer now, and I have time to write you a few lines.

We worked all weekend cleaning the apartment before our friends from Pittsburg come next Tuesday. When I called you last night we had just finished addressing over 100 invitations to the wedding. We will mail about 180, and we have 40 left. If you would like to send some more ( like to friends or church people) please send their names and addresses. I sent one to the Howards and Mrs. Brodnax. Maybe you could send me Ruth Smith's, Mrs. Milton, Geraldine, Mrs. Dupuy ( what's the first name?), Harry Dupuy, Dezendorf, Eloise, Mrs. Hines (Linda's mom), Malcolm Johnson, Margie Morrish, Jane Jeffress, Mrs. Grimes, etc. It won't hurt if I mail them after May 1st.

4:45 p.m.
I spoke too soon. As soon as I began your letter, things got busy around here. I can relax for a few minutes and then get ready for my trip home. The distance is only 20 miles, but the traffic causes it to seem like 5 times that. If I'm lucky, I'll get home by 6:10. If not, I'll be there by 6:30. Some days I have no traffic, and other days the cars move like snails. J. is lucky. There is usually no traffic for him, and he gets home by 6:00. I'm going to let him start cooking dinner. He doesn't know it yet, and I'm not sure he would go for the idea. We would have Italian food every night!

My writing gets worse and worse. If I didn't type so much, I'd type my letters. Well, this is a shorty. Tell everyone hello and give the kids a kiss for me. See you soon!


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NanaDiana said...

Fun letters, Linda. I got a big kick out of the blood pressure thing for a gift! lol Used to wear L'eggs size B-pantyhose (toe in) , too...for YEARS! lol These are fun to read. xo Diana

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading these so much,,,