Thursday, May 23, 2013

450 and Still Blogging!

Numbers again. This is my 450th blog post. Some days I can't think of anything to write, so I don't write. Pure and simple. But today is a milestone. At least 450 times I have gotten out the iPhone or iPad to compose. Sometimes I have even added photos to the posts.

Today I received the sweetest email and darling photos from our Dutch nephew's wife (guess that makes M. our Dutch niece ;) ). M. sent an early morning photo of her two cute sons all dressed up for rainy weather where they live in Germany. I will not include the photos until I ask for permission, but the youngest cutie is dressed in a pirate raincoat that we gave him back last fall. The eye patch is a "killer." The older sweetheart is keeping off the raindrops with his sports umbrella that he also received as a gift from us. 

Buying clothing gifts for children is fun, but I never know the correct size. So some friends and relatives receive too big items, while others are probably too small :( . Luckily parents know that clothes gifting is a risky business. 

If it doesn't fit, just pass it on to some other kiddie.

With permission :)))), the photo of our little Dutch great-nephews S. and C.

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