Saturday, May 25, 2013

Almost Home Alone--Canine Variety

Yesterday morning around 6:15, Flip woke me that he was ready to go outside. 

Thinking that he would be back home in a couple of hours, I let him out and I went back to bed. When my hub and I got up and started getting things ready for our car trip, Flip was still nowhere to be seen. 

I had not planned this very well. After calling, whistling, phoning neighbors, driving up and down our lane and the main road, and visiting our other neighbor who has a female terrier, we resolved ourselves to the fact that Flip would not be going with us. Not now and maybe never again.

But we set up a "doggie bed and breakfast" on the front porch with his dog barn and food and water, and resolved ourselves to the fact that he was a dog (and not our human child) and could take care of himself for a couple of warm days. 

Hub still wanted to wait to leave at 1:00 pm, but we drove out of the driveway around 12:30 instead. As we turned the corner behind our neighbor's house, there Flip was. Just walking slowly and tired from over six hours of "hunting" and "swimming" in the area and ponds.

No one informed him that we were planning to travel. (Our son used to accuse us of forgetting to inform him, too.) We headed back home. Hub threw the dog-bed into the backseat of the truck, and Flip hit the showers (garden hose). After a good dry down with old bathroom towels, we were on our way.

Two hours later we were stuck in a long traffic jam on the highway. I think there was a bad accident along the way that we luckily missed, because we were waiting on Flip to come home. Who knows? Maybe he saved our lives.

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