Sunday, May 19, 2013

Conflict at the Beltway

Hm. I can't overlook what is going on at the Beltway apartment. On one hand it is disturbing, but on the other hand it is amusing. And it all began with a parking place!

This situation makes me glad we do not have an HOA (Home Owners Association). In the past, we have had enough problem with the neighboring landowners (not our dear Neighbors!!!). But that is in the PAST.

The Beltway situation is Present. It seems to be a Them vs. Us. Them being the HOA board and the Us being at least three different apartment owners. As you can imagine, we are included in the latter three. Yesterday my hub and I decided to just "let it be." Well, this morning we woke up to new developments. (All over a parking place!!!!)

So I looked up a way to try to solve such differences. These are the high points of a great web article:

Deal with it. Most people prefer to avoid conflict.

Conflict needs to be dealt with. If you ignore or avoid it, it can lead to increased stress and unresolved feelings of anger, hostility and resentment. 

Think it through. Before addressing the person with whom you have a conflict, consider discussing the situation with an objective friend or family member.

Talk it out, face to face. Meeting in person can be intimidating, but it is often the best way to go. 
E-mail and letter writing should be avoided.

Use a mediator if necessary.

Apologize when appropriate. Be aware of your own part in creating the conflict.

Choose your battles.

Work to minimize conflict.

Work on your own communication skills.

Avoid troublemakers as much as possible. 

A side note: My son said I left off "Punch them in the face!" Hee Hee. Actually, I thought of that for the pond paparazzi as well as the Beltway HOA. 
Guess that would not be too civilized. ;)


miniviper said...

Seems to be missing: Punch them in the Face. That was how I felt like dealing with my HOA.

Linda said...

I added it above. ;)))))