Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bats, Peacocks, and Scorpions

When you live out in the country like we do, you are never surprised at the critters you see.

Two nights ago, Flip and I were greeted by a low flying bat when we went out the back door around 10:00 pm for Flip's pit stop. I was surprised, while Flip did not seem to notice. Birds or flying things do not bother him much, since he has found out that he is not able to catch them anyway.

This morning on the way to pick my mom up for her doctor's appointment, a peacock calmly scurried across the highway between our house and the P.O. At first I thought the fowl was a wild turkey, but it was a peacock (or maybe a peahen). Wonder who is raising that exotic bird?

The really shocking critter was the visitor to Flip's bed last night. Around 11:00 pm, Flip stood up in his bed and started staring at something. As my hub can see Flip sleeping on his bed, Hub jumped up to see what was causing the unrest. When he said "scorpion," I jumped up from my easy chair to see if I could help catch it. We actually caught the insect in a fruit jar so that I could try to identify it. Who knows how it came to be on our Flippy's safe bed in our front hallway?

I saw a black snake slither into the pond a couple of evenings ago. Another night my hub and Flip witnessed a possum shopping for grapes under our grape arbor.

Bring on the dinosaurs!

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Mrs. Micawber said...

My husband spent his childhood in Florida and his creepy-crawly tales are truly horrific. Gators in the back yard are just the start. :)

(Bats and peacocks I can deal with though - we have them here too.)