Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Closure. The Last Chapter of the Book

Blogging is still the only writing that I do. That book that I want to write is still not ready to be written. And who knows, maybe it never will be written.

But last evening I finished the last chapter of my teaching career. Now there is closure. 

Last evening I attended the high school graduation of my "last class." When I stopped teaching almost exactly five years ago, those young men and women were 7th graders. Last evening they were the same loving and personable beings that I remembered. And now they are adults.

The smart, attractive girls were still gathering the scholastic accolades. The huge and funny athletes were still huge and funny when they hugged their principal on stage. And the rest were polite and attentive as they had been years before in my classes.

For five years I had felt that I was missing something. Last night I found it.

Closure. The last page of my teaching career. 

A Happy Ending!

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Mrs. Micawber said...

Congratulations to your last class. What a great investment you've made over the years.