Friday, December 6, 2013

Thirty Loves for Thirty Years

(Happy Birthday to the most important 30 year old in our life--our son J.)

1. You are our one and only child.
2. You are you and no one else.
3. You are loving.
4. You are kind.
5. You are truthful.
6. You are witty.
7. You are serious.
8. You are sympathetic.
9. You are fun-loving.
10. You are smart.
11. You are level-headed.
12. You are nerdy.
13. You are good-looking.
14. You are clean.
15. You are thoughtful.
16. You are lazy.
17. You are normal.
18. You are Dutch.
19. You are American.
20. You are a home owner.
21. You are a Cowboy's fan.
22. You are an automobile lover.
23. You are a doer.
24. You are an over-achiever.
25. You are a boyfriend.
26. You are cousin.
27. You are a nephew.
28. You are a grandson.
29. You are a son.
30. You are our son.


miniviper said...

Thanks Mom! Scary thing is I assume at 40 it'll say "you are a husband" and "you are a father"! Maybe time to start growing up a bit more. Love you!!!!

Linda said...

Papa says "husband" and "father" are not scary. He speaks from experience ;)))) love you too, Mom

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a Good One you have there! You must have done SOMEthing right....

endah murniyati said...

I love this post. Happy birthday for you Son.

Tracey Bradley said...

Love this Linda, really powerful, and nearly cried when I read his response! x