Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hij Komt, Hij Komt

Exactly 30 years ago today, my hub and I went to the hospital in preparation for the birth of our child. 

And yes, I had had echo and amniocentesis readings, but we had no idea that a little BOY was ready to be born. The gender of our baby was never an issue. That our baby would be healthy and happy was most important to us.

As 5 December is Sinterklaas gift evening, my roommate and her newborn had a real party with all of her welcoming family members, while my hub and I waited for our special "gift." Our present could be "unwrapped" the next morning on December 6 when all of the doctors and staff came to work.

My Dutch father-in-law was annoyed that our baby was due to be born at such an important time of the year. But that birth of our son never seemed to ruin any festivities. In fact, it seemed to make Sinterklaas more meaningful to us.

On that night 30 years ago, I slept well until around 4:00 AM. Then the real party began with only me, the night staff, and our baby boy. After the waters broke, the staff gave me meds to slow everything down to wait for my doctor and his staff to get to the hospital for the scheduled c-section delivery time at 8:00 AM. I telephoned my hub who was sleeping peacefully at home, and he came before they rolled me into the operating room.

Our healthy, happy "gift from Sinterklaas" was born at the tail end of the dear old Sint's route.

He saved the best for last! 

He came.

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Mrs. Micawber said...

What a great gift! One of my nieces and her husband celebrate the feast of St. Nicholas with gifts for their kids (who still believe that St. Nick brings them), and themselves. :)