Tuesday, December 3, 2013

25 Ticks, 3 Turtles, and 1 Sweet Baby Boy

Today I was at home all day! Doing more or less just as I pleased! 

What a great "vacation day!" 

Oh, I know I am retired, but the last two months have been hectic. And today I finally just did what I wanted to do. Unfortunately our beagle didn't know I wanted to sleep late, but he sat at the doorway to our bedroom and waited an extra 30 minutes this morning.

Later he came back from his "hunt" in the forest and brought his catch--over 25 crawling ticks! He was immaculately clean, but covered with ticks! When I put him outside every single day I buckle on his tick collar. Not a cheap one from the Dollar Store, but a real jewel from the Vet. Maybe that is why the ticks are dancing around in his clean fur.

While I was combing out the ticks on the front porch, I noticed three huge turtles sun bathing on the banks of our pond. I even had to get out the binoculars to make sure what I was seeing in the distance. I am so glad those three turtles have a good home in our pond. Now if the fish would just jump high enough for us to see them, that would be worth all the distress we experienced with that pond.

And the icing on my day was the birth of Sweet William, my youngest brother and his dear wife's first grandson. This little baby boy is actually William the IV. 

Sweet William and a super sweet day!

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