Sunday, December 8, 2013

Upstairs Thrifting

Our upstairs "box room" has boxes on shelves. As most boxes are labeled, I know (more or less) what is in the boxes. But boxes with Christmas ornaments and decorations are always a surprise.

Some years I never even open the boxes and avoid decorating for Christmas. Yesterday I opened the boxes and even set up a few lights in the kitchen and dining room window. Maybe today I will get to the mantle and piano with some tinsel and nutcrackers that I picked up for pennies last year.

But I did visit the Catholic thrift shop yesterday to see what I have been missing the last two months. 

Here is what came home with me:

This cardinal music box was 25 cents. It "cleaned up" well, and the music box works! Only one flower petal missing. Sweet!

Here you can see the missing petal.

And this angel was only 75 cents. She has a "heavy bottom" and sits by herself. May be a doorstop.

She makes me smile.

A doll from this great California company.

Got her back.

One Santa was only 10 cents and the other was 5 Euros. Bet you can't pick out the 10 cent one. It is the one on the left that I bought on Saturday.

I also found Oshkosh baby overalls (they are in the wash) and Oshkosh baby slippers for 25 cents each.  As the cashier said, "She always finds the cutest baby clothes here."

I can have a great hour spending just  $5 at the Thrift store!

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The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

Love you Shiny Brites and love the story behind it!!! My heart is warmed! : ) HUGS...