Saturday, December 21, 2013

Welcome Back. Otter

I borrowed this photo, but we have a guy (or gal) like this otter in our pond. Don't think we have any catfish, but who knows. Our renovated pond has been full now for one year, so we should not be surprised that "Spooky"Otter has returned. Or maybe this is a new visitor.

I have named the otter "Spooky," since both Flip and I are spooked out by this animal that spends a lot of time trolling our waters.

This animal is so long, that it is our Loch Wetcreek Monster!

According to
"Interesting Facts about the River Otter
  • Otters are part of the weasel family which includes minks, skunks and badgers.
  • Although happy to play, river otters are solitary animals. Males do not associate with females until mating season. Only then will you see pairs chasing, diving and cork-screwing through the water as a sort of mating ritual.
  • The otter loves to swim and can hold its breath for up to 8 minutes. Its eyes are even adapted for underwater vision, leaving them nearsighted when out of water. On land, otters rely on their sense of smell, hearing and touch to get around.
  • Rivers otters are land-bound most of the time; its tail gives it balance and can run as fast as 18 mph. 
  • When at play or way to get around, otters are often seen sliding down riverbanks on their stomachs.
  • River otters are territorial and will mark their territory with feces (or spraint) as a warning to others. Though not a fighter, it will charge and scratch those who get to close."

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miniviper said...

Yay!! You think it came from the creek? Hopefully Flippy behaves himself, Otters are cool!