Thursday, February 27, 2014

From the Heart

Four years ago when my in-laws (ages 93 and 94) were finally considering moving to a care facility, my 93 year old father-in-law was most concerned and disturbed that he would be having his meals in the community dining room with mostly "old ladies." Indeed men are outnumbered in such situations. But lately I have noticed that the male population in my own "neck of the woods" is also decreasing. 

Earlier in this short month, our closest Dutch neighbor passed away due to cancer. A. had only reached his 76th birthday two days before his death. We will miss his kind wave as on our way to our Beltway apartment we pass his kitchen window. 

And then yesterday morning early we received the sad news that our farthest neighbor on our street here in the US had passed away. I am still not sure what caused T.'s death, but I am reasonably sure he was younger than I am.

Two "young" men that we called our neighbors are now only in our thoughts and memories. May they both rest in peace. 

And their loving wives will live on to help us all remember the good times we enjoyed being neighborly.


Anonymous said...

Our next door neighbour passed away last year unexpectedly..he was two years older than the hubs...we are still coming to grips with that one.

A Quiet Corner said...

Death of those close to us in heart takes time to heal...lots of time...and we really don't heal...we learn to accept!...:)JP