Friday, February 21, 2014

What Was Happening 99 Years Ago (1915) in the World?

Jan 12th - US House of Reps rejects proposal to give women right to vote

Jan 13th - Earthquake in Avezzano, Italy kills 29,800

Jan 15th - Japan claims economic control of China

Jan 17th - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek's Hospital in Amsterdam, The Netherlands opens

Jan 19th - 1st German Zeppelin attack over Great Britain, 4 die

Jan 25th - Alexander Graham Bell in NY calls Thomas Watson in SF

Jan 28th - 1st US ship lost in WW I, William P Frye (carrying wheat to UK)

Jan 28th - US Pres Wilson refuses to prohibit immigration of illiterates

Feb 7th - 1st wireless message sent from a moving train to a station received

Feb 12th - Cornerstone laid for Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC

Feb 17th - Edward Stone, 1st US combatant to die in WW I, is mortally wounded

Feb 18th - Germany begins a blockade of Britain

Feb 21st - 20th Russian Army corps surrenders

Feb 21st - World's Fair in SF opens

Feb 21st - My mother-in-law was born in Goor, The Netherlands. She passed away in Velp, The Netherlands on May16, 2011 at the age of 96. Happy Birthday, Ma.

All info except the last entry came from the History Orb website (


Linda said...

My loving parents married on this date in 1947. Happy 67th Anniversary, Mom!! Love you, Linda

NanaDiana said...

Great info & history here, Linda. I just put you on my sidebar so I can catch your posts. xo Diana

Janneke said...

Always interesting to read worldwide history facts and I see you even have Dutch relatives. Your mother-in-law reached a respectable age.

Buttons said...

Oh My MIL is from the Netherlands too. I love the history it never misses to surprise me with some fact I forgotten. Great post. B